Scream for ice cream in Shoreditch

Cool down with an ice cream at East London’s Soft serve society, but not just any old ice cream; choose from popcorn, honeycombe or even candy floss with your s’cream, or go for a coveted Freakshake – a milkshake topped with sweet goodness including oreos, waffles and clouds of candyfloss.
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snowflakesfairy Look what we found 🍨🍧 in 🇬🇧 London. • @londoncoffeeshops @softservesociety • OK OK... 😅🙌🏻 to answer your comments about diabetic, sugar rush, carbs, how did we finish it without making a mess 🤣... Yup, we dropped half of the toppings after a minute snapping it 📸 (check out my story 👆🏻it wasn't easy holding it 😱). So .... half carbs gone, diabetic (well we might got a coma that day), messy?? ... yea we mopped the street 😭... you see Instagram is not always "perfection" 💁🏻 believe me there's always an epic story behind a photo, but that's why we love it, right 🙊 ? • On the other hand 🙋🏻 I need some tips about epic food photography please, we spent an intense moment 😭 looking at the half topping on the street like a 4 years old 🙇🏻 dropping his 🍦 sundae.

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