Do lunch in Selfridges

Refuel after a high-end shopping session with a luxurious lunch at Aubaine Selfridges. Situated on the second floor next to the luxury shoe collections, you can dine on lobster spaghetti, beef carpaccio or a wagyu burger while admiring its wisteria covered ceiling.
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snowflakesfairy This picture was taken nearly a year ago at Aubaine Selfridges 🤔, I haven't been back ever since (I know I should, this restaurant is gorgeously gorgeous). • So, if you wonder if the wisteria tree is real, the answer is "Thank God it's NOT!" ........and I'm grateful for that, because seriously if they are real... come on.... what if a snail 🐌 losing its grip and landing on your garlic butter bread? For some people it might be a jackpot ticket to Paris 🇫🇷, but for me haha... 😭😅definitely one way coma to unicorn land 🦄.... Adios Amigos 👋🏻.... Sayonara. • Please tell me that you all agree that snail is a big NO NO 🐌🚫😱

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